Our Story

Cocoskyn is an Australian based company with a mission to empower you to create a daily suncare routine with sustainable SPF. The company is founded by Frances and Adam who live in Perth, Western Australia.

Frances has a bachelor of nursing, and has been a registered nurse for 13 years. Half her career has been working in the pharmaceuticals sector. Adam has experience across multiple business divisions, with a special interest in finance.

When Frances was 28, Adam detected a skin cancer on her nose. It had been there for about 12 months, and gave her the scare of a lifetime. Reflecting back on her poor suncare habits, Frances realised there wasn't a sunscreen on the market that she absolutely loved. So she didn't regularly use it.

This scare was the catalyst moment for the founders, realising that sunscreen had always been there but never prioritised. There wasn't a gap in the market for a sunscreen product, there was a gap in the culture.

Determined to close the gap and give sunscreen the aesthetic makeover it deserved, it was equally important to the pair that it had great texture and respected mother nature. Partnering with expert Australian skincare chemists, Cocoskyn was born.

Breaking all the rules of traditional sunscreen, Cocoskyn is deliciously packaged to meet the companies first criteria of SPF that looks good. The light non greasy formulation has been specifically designed for the texture conscious, making it the perfect feel good SPF for those who 'hate how sunscreen feels.'

Finally, our commitment to be a greener and ethically responsible business means producing vegan products with the environment always front of mind. 

Now that feels good.